3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Rubber Flooring for High Traffic Areas

rubber flooringIn order to bring a high traffic area to life, offering a long term impact, a substantial amount of time should be spent planning out the area and the type of finishes you’ll have in it. Not only do you want durability but you want something that looks good.

If this area is known for being a high traffic area, its of importance you consider the type of flooring you currently have and if it’s an occupational health and safety hazard. Herewith are three reasons why you should consider rubber flooring for those high traffic areas.

#1 A Long Lasting Investment

Having rubber flooring installed is considered to be a viable option based on its durability. As it’s a strong and resilient flooring solution, it can be used in a number of scenarios. If installed correctly, it can last for over 15 years. Even if it’s a high traffic area, this won’t impact the durability of the flooring.

#2 Hassle Free Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining this kind of flooring, you’ll have a flooring solution that’s hassle free. Cleaning and maintaining a hygienic standard with this flooring type has never been easier as some of the flooring can have a wax applied to it. The purpose of the wax is to enable you to polish the floor as well as protect it from becoming discoloured and getting damaged. You can also clean the floor effortlessly as it only requires a very damp mop over it.

#3 Multiple Design Choices That Fit in With the Aesthetics Of Your Decor

Thanks to a number of technological advancements within the last few years, having rubber flooring installed is considered as the flooring now comes in a number of designs and colours. As the flooring is also soft, it’s also considered for gyms as well as playrooms at schools and home. The flooring does absorb a certain level of sound making it quiet to walk over and you can hardly hear if someone was to drop something.

Rubber flooring in Cape Town is fairly easy to come by and worth you investigating as your next flooring solution for you room makeover. There are so many more advantages to considering this type of flooring, if you’re still having difficulty deciding on it, be sure to reach out to the team at Floormaster.