Manure Management Solutions

The subject of manure management is an important one on the world of agriculture, as this inevitable by-product needs careful consideration. Manure, of course, has its uses, and with treatment can be a very effective part of the fertilisation process, and that’s why we believe you should take a look at AquaClean, a biotechnology solution from BluePlanet SA.

waste plantAquaClean uses specific bacteria to help break down manure more efficiently helping to increase crop yield, reducing the odour and leading to faster composting, and has been proven to lead to lower handling costs and better results. BluePlanet SA has a reputation for providing solutions that are safe, free from chemicals and cost-effective, and will help reduce the use of damaging chemical solutions.

You can find more information on the BluePlanet SA website, or if you wish get in touch with them, and one of their team will be more than happy to advise you on the right product for you.